Batman Batarang Knife Thrower Set

Batman Batarang Knife Thrower Set

While perusing the aisles of Ottawa’s Comic-Con last weekend, a set of razor-sharp Batarangs caught my eye. That and of course all the people geeked out to the nines in their fantastic costumes. Anyway, Batman’s weapons (and vehicles) are partly what draw us to Batman in the first place. Good news for us is that we can own a Batman Batarang Knife Thrower Set just like the Caped Crusader himself.

Complete your Batman costume by wearing the nylon belt pouch, or just put the batarangs on display. Like ninja stars, they’re just seriously deadly-looking weapons that no one has any business owning.

Batman Batarang Knife Thrower Set

  • 2 Piece Jumbo 8″ Set
  • Batman Forever Batarangs
  • 100% Metal Throwing Knives Set
  • Includes Nylon Belt Pouch With Snap
  • Just Like In The Caped Crusader Movies

Start a batarang collection and be sure to also add the beautiful, golden Dark Knight Batarang Replica that was posted on GA last year. A glass case full of various batarangs would look slick.

The Batman Batarang Knife Thrower Set comes with two batarangs and a snap pouch. Get the set at Amazon for $12.95.


  1. I think technically the Batarang snap pouch should be designed the other way around, sharp edge pointing down. Imagine reaching in and getting cut by your own Batarang!

  2. I would to get them from amazon but they are just so stupid because they dont ship anything to canada and the is useless

  3. My son saw these and wants to order them. I can’t find any sites that are based here in Canada. I can order them, but I’m not sure if they are legal here. Did you happen to get the vendors card or any info? I looked at the vendors list and I think that they were called Cutting Edge. Any help would be appreciated.

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