Artificial Jellyfish LED Aquarium

Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

This aquarium features three artificial jellyfish that moves around in the water, surrounded by seaweed and coral reefs, while LED backlighting highlights their movements.

A silent, integrated motor generates gentle currents, causing the jellyfish to rise and fall in the water. You can choose specific light patterns from nine integrated LEDs that provide red, blue, and green highlights within the aquascape. The aquarium can be wall-mounted, set-up on a bookshelf, or displayed on a tabletop. 13 2/3″ H x 4 2/3″ D x 17 1/2″ W. (7 lbs.)

The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium ($60) is available at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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14 Responses to “Artificial Jellyfish LED Aquarium”

  1. I work at a public library a we had a bubble feature in our children librarians desk that has cracked and are looking for something to replace it that would be no maintainence. Your led aquariums look great do they come in different sizes our measures 27 x 77 we could change the size some if necessary. Please let me know if you have any ideas for our problem. Thanks Lois White

  2. Hi Lois, please follow the link in the news for further details about shopping and shipping.

  3. I bought the Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium from the Hammermacher Schlemmer site and set it up, did what the instructions said to do, soaked the plastic jellyfish for 24 hours, squeezed the air out of them inside the tank and they floated for about 5 minutes then ended up at the top of the tank. I tried squeezing the jellyfish again, and same effect, they float then stop floating and end up at the top of the tank. It is brand new, the instructions do not have any troubleshooting tips, the user manual does not even mention problems with the jellyfish floating. Does anyone have this thing and if so how do you get the jellyfish to keep floating around. Otherwise the thing is pretty cool for my office, but not if they stop floating…..NH

  4. Sorry to hear that NH. Thanks for sharing, I hope someone will be able to help you solve the “Artificial Jellyfish LED Aquarium” problem.

  5. Hi NH,

    Try wiping the inside of the tank & the jellyfish with a very tiny amount of washing up liquid. (Dish detergent).
    I put a spot on my fingers then massaged this into the jellyfish. I then held them underwater upsidedown. Try to avoid squeezing them as this acts like a bellows and actually creates micro-bubbles.

    Voila, an hour or so later…no bubbles.
    The detergent in the water breaks the surface tension in a bubble causing it to pop. So, clear water.

    Hope all my ramblings help.

  6. Can we purchas the jellyfish for the tank, and where?

  7. I need to know where I can buy replacement
    jellyfish for the aquarium, I had to empty it
    and move it, the stopper wasn’t in the drain, and
    I lost two down the drain.

  8. Was wondering if the led jellyfish display would work to show off live Artemia / sea dragons / shrimp / sea monkeys etc., or if you have anything similar and small, around the size of a cd case, to be used for such a purpose. I’m looking around for a really small ( micro ) and L.E.D. lit aquarium. Any Ideas ?

    Thanks for taking the time ?

  9. Hi – we have a Hypnotic Jelly Fish tank and 2 of the led lights have started to blink…any idea how to resolve this issue or where to get replacement bulbs ? The Owners Manual has no trouble shooting tips….thanks T

  10. Hi Trish,

    Do you have a TV repair shop nearby?

    Led’s are really peanuts to buy, but they need to be soldered in place. A TV repair-man handy with a soldering-iron might do it real cheap.
    Have a quick look on ebay to see how cheap the led’s are…
    Good Luck…
    john (UK)

  11. Same problem with jellys going down the drain. Has anyone found out how to replace them. We actually bought another whole unit to replace. Hate to throw out unused one! Thanks…

  12. hi does anyone know where i can buy replacedment jellyfish from, our went down the drain to. thankjyou

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