Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica

Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica

After a good night sleep in the Space Shuttle Bed and a steady Astronaut Ice Cream breakfast, you can now get dressed for success with this Apollo 11 spacesuit replica.

The design and molds for this spacesuit replica were taken from an authentic NASA Apollo-era A7L garments. They are built to our exact specifications with the highest attention paid to every detail.

Made from a heavy weight Nylon Cordura, this suit was built for wear and tear. It can be worn or placed on display. Truly fantastic for the collector or museum.

The Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica is yours for $9,500 from the Space Store webshop.

(Fashionably Geek via OhGizmo)

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4 Responses to “Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica”

  1. Let me guess…”For the guy that has everything…” 🙂

    That’s one pricey (but cool) Halloween costume.

  2. I guess you could say that, Gadget Chick. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It would be REALLY nice if you can get a working A/C unit for the suit. A heated version would be great for Alaska or the Antarctic as you can avoid frostbite on your face with the helmet. In either case, as you drive around, you are going to get weird looks from other drivers!

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