Another Keypad Mouse

Sanwa NT-MA2

It’s not the first two-gadgets-in-one post we see today, and it’s not the first keypad mouse we have covered either. Not that long ago there was a similar product from Ezkey floating around in the news.

Sanwa NT-MA2 is the name of this computer mouse / keypad combo. It’s available in white or black and measures 53x108x33mm (2×3.9×1.2in).

The price has been set to 40 Euros (about 57 USD).

(Via Prylfeber)

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15 Responses to “Another Keypad Mouse”

  1. Where i can buy it? I am from spain.

  2. I’m not sure where you can buy it.

    Anyone else who knows?

  3. Where I can buy to have it? thanks!

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