Alien Stitch USB Humidifier

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Stitch USB Desktop Humidifier

Fans of the Lilo & Stitch films and TV series can now increase the humidity in a room using this USB-powered humidifier, designed to look like the popular blue little alien.

The Stitch USB Desktop Humidifier measures 184 x 130 x 165mm and can alternatively be powered using AC 100V. Geek Stuff 4 U has set the price to a whopping $118.

(Via 7Gadgets)

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3 Responses to “Alien Stitch USB Humidifier”

  1. I thought this was so cute for my son until I saw the price tag. No thanks, I will stick to a regular humidifier. I was gonna but one until I saw they are 5 times the amount of a regualr one.

  2. I love Stitch! Cool design, but a little creepy.

  3. that’s cute!

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