USB Light-Up Alien Collectible

Alien USB Light Up Toy

If you’re a fan of the movie Alien (or the sequels like Aliens and Alien 3), you’ll want to get your hands on this USB Light-Up Alien Collectible. It’s a mini version of the Alien from the movie that stands just over 9 inches tall. Best of all, the inner mouth lights up and pops out at random times to scare the bejeezus out of unsuspecting prey.

USB Alien CollectiblePlug it into the USB port of your computer for power, and let this 9″ tall alien stand guard on your desk. When someone comes around, they’ll be in for a surprise when he opens his mouth revealing an evil red glow, ad the inner mouth suddenly pops out.

If the movie made you jump in terror, then this Alien collectible is a way to relive the experience. However, chances are you want to use it to scare other people and not yourself. Fortunately, this alien really can make people jump in fright just like it did when they were watching the movie.

USB Light-Up Alien Specifications

  • Little Chap USB Light-Up Alien with Illuminated Inner Mouth
  • Inner mouth pops out and lights up at random intervals
  • True to the movie, except he’s a bit squished (In a cute but still evil way)
  • Think of him like an adorable dwarf version of Big Chap
  • Size is 9.4″ tall
  • He’s from Japan!

The Alien USB Collectible is currently on sale for $29.99 at ThinkGeek.

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