Zenhaus Dog Crates

ZenHaus Dog Crates

The market for pet products is huge. A lot of the times it’s because pet owners turn into ultimate geeks when they adopt pets and spend exorbitant amounts of money on their beloved buddies. Dog or cat owners who think that their pets deserve to have a space-age crib are going to need the Zenhaus Dog Crate, which could also be used as an escape pod.

The shiny-black crate comes in Small and Medium, and there’s a fitted oval-shaped, high-density foam bed included to give Rufus a soft place to sleep. Rest assured, the outer cover is washable. One side of the foam bed has blue swirls for swankiness, and the flip-side is a neutral tan for when he wants to be a sprocket.

The top of the crate is solid and flat, unlike wire crates, so that you can use it as an end table. You can then put all sorts of decorative items on top, such as the Mars Attacks! Martian Bobble Head, Star Trek Sound Effects Mug, and Battlestar Galactica Playing Cards. Plus, the interior of the crate stays dark so that Rufus feels secure when he retreats to his den to get away from all the invisible extra-terrestrials he battles each day. Oh, so you’ve finally figured out what he’s been barking at…

With the door closed, it’s hard to tell whether it’s a pet cage or just a tasteful piece of furniture. The vent slits along the sides provide good ventilation for Rufus but also gives the crate an art deco look.

The Zenhaus Dog Crate is available at Skymall.com from $579.99 and at Amazon.com from $579.99.

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