Zelda Playable Ocarina

Zelda Playable Ocarina

I’m not sure how good your Ocarina playing skills are, but you better step it up. If Link can get a horse to come galloping out nowhere to give him a ride, you better be able to get a few basic notes out. The Zelda Playable Ocarina is sure to bring back fond memories of Zelda and all of the adventures you set out on with Link. I still remember my first few experiences with the NES and The Legend of Zelda; of course, those “few experiences” amounted to several weeks of nonstop playing. Twenty years later, and I can still hear the ocarina playing in my head!

Zelda Ocarina

Zelda Playable Ocarina

  • Real playable Ocarina lets you re-create your favorite Zelda tunes
  • Made from glazed earthenware
  • 6 Holes, Plays notes from C4-D5
  • Tri-Force Logo adorns the stem
  • Made in the USA

You can purchase the Zelda Playable Ocarina at ThinkGeek for $39.99.


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