X-Ray Skeleton Boxer Briefs

X-Ray Skeleton Boxer Briefs

Show off what you have underneath your clothes with these X-Ray Skeleton Boxer Briefs. That’s the problem with x-ray vision—you see through the clothes, but you also see-through skin and tissue, just leaving the bones. Fortunately, some people find that sexy!

Your underwear is very important for your comfort, so you don’t want to give that up for style, even for a design as cool as this x-ray of hips, spine, and legs. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because these boxer briefs are FocusFit from PSD and promise to be “The Most Comfortable Everyday Underwear.” (If I’m reading that correctly, it means you can wear the same pair every day. Talk about value!) They are designed for dynamic comfort and support and feature soft microfiber-blend fabric.

PSD X-Ray Skeleton Boxer Briefs

Make no bones about it, these boxer briefs from PSD Underwear will take you to another level of comfort. Featuring an X-ray-inspired design of the hips, spine and legs, they have a soft microfiber blend for dynamic comfort and support.

PSD X-Ray Skeleton Boxer Briefs are $12.90 from Hot Topic.

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