X-Men Wolverine Deluxe Bodysuit Costume

X-Men Wolverine Deluxe Bodysuit Costume

Do you want to look as tough and intimidating as the adamantium-clawed Logan? The X-Men Wolverine Deluxe Bodysuit Costume probably won’t accomplish that but it will make you look incredibly creepy.

Bodysuits are like a happy accident. It’s like somebody got the idea to put recognizable designs onto this skintight material in an effort to create the next new style trend, but the results didn’t turn out as planned. Instead of dumping the whole mess in the trashcan, it was approved for sale and the creepy bodysuit trend was launched. After all, why wear something cool when you can wear something odd? Everyone does cool; it’s time to be different.

This particular bodysuit features the iconic image of Wolverine’s blue and yellow outfit, which is recognizable to comic book fans but movie fans have had to, sadly, do without, and honestly, this bodysuit doesn’t look too bad… if you pretend Logan fell prey to some evil weapon that made his body shiny and did something weird to his face.

The X-Men Wolverine Deluxe Bodysuit Costume is available for $49.99 at StylinOnline.com.

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