Wolverine Art Print

January 22, 2018 Marty Shaw 0

The man who made SNIKT an iconic word in the Marvel universe is ready to do what he does best on the Wolverine Art Print. Limited to just 350 pieces and measuring 18″ x 24″, this eye-catching print features everyone’s short-tempered mutant stalking out from […]


Wolverine Premium Format Figure

December 11, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Get ready to unleash the fury of Logan with the Wolverine Premium Format Figure. He drinks, he smokes, he sometimes kills people before, during, or after drinking or smoking. In other words, the X-Man known as Wolverine isn’t your typical hero. This has caused problems […]


Wolverine vs Juggernaut Sixth-Scale Battle Diorama

September 26, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Logan’s rage goes toe-to-toe with the unstoppable might of Cain Marko on the Wolverine vs Juggernaut Sixth-Scale Battle Diorama. Measuring 17.32″ H x 18.11″ W x 14.17″ L, this highly-detailed polystone statue features the unstoppable Juggernaut tearing through the X-Mansion as Wolverine prepares to see […]


Wolverine Iron Studios Statue

September 13, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Grab hold of your healing factor because the X-Men’s Logan is on a rampage with the Wolverine Iron Studios Statue. Breaking out of the same holding tank we saw him break out of on the Wolverine Weapon X Statue, the adamantium-clawed mutant is working a […]


Logan The Final Act Art Print

May 27, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

The past and future Wolverines bare their claws on the Logan The Final Act Art Print. Logan and Laura. Wolverine and X-23. The former X-Man and his young clone don’t get a chance to spend much time together but the two are an awesome fighting […]


Logan Into the Sunset T-Shirt

April 26, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Wolverine and X-23 get the ending they deserve on the Logan Into the Sunset T-Shirt. Okay, the movie Logan ended the way it needed to, the only way it really could have since Hugh Jackman said he was hanging up his adamantium claws… but isn’t […]


Logan T-Shirt

April 2, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Two Wolverines walk off into the sunset on the Logan T-Shirt. Yes, I know! It was time to close the book on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine… but couldn’t we have had the ending pictured on this shirt? Old Man Logan and Laura riding (or walking) into […]


Logan X-23 iPhone Case

April 2, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Give your phone a little adamantium action with the Logan X-23 iPhone Case. You’ll be stylin’ like a Wolverine with this slim-fitting one-piece clip-on case that features Dafne Keen’s Laura/X-23 from the movie, Logan. Wearing her rainbow shirt and oh-so-cool shades, a claw-baring, blood-splattered Laura […]


X-Men Wolverine Panel T-Shirt

March 9, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

He’s the best at what he does, and what the X-Men Wolverine Panel T-Shirt does is make you look good. This bright and colorful 100% cotton tee will have you getting attention as if razor-sharp claws were popping through your knuckles, except you won’t have […]


Wolverine Enamel Pin Set

March 9, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Logan and a few of his pals want to get stuck on you with the Wolverine Enamel Pin Set. Colorful and eye-catching, these enamel pins will show your stylish allegiance to the X-Men. The 4-pin set includes Wolverine in his classic yellow and blue costume, […]


Marvel Wolverine Blood And Steel T-Shirt

March 5, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

The Marvel Wolverine Blood And Steel T-Shirt looks as sharp as Adamantium. Everyone’s favorite claw-popping, cigar-chomping mutant is featured on this black 100% cotton tee. Wolverine AKA Logan AKA James Howlett is large and in charge, standing in front of a blood-splattered background, his claws […]


X-Men Wolverine Burning Ferocity T-Shirt

February 3, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Logan has always had a fiery temper but the X-Men Wolverine Burning Ferocity T-Shirt takes that heat to a whole new level. What’s better than a 100% cotton tee featuring a picture of the X-Men’s Wolverine? When that picture is the eye-catching cover art from […]


Marvel Gallery Old Man Logan Statue

January 8, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

The claws are out and Wolverine has returned with the Marvel Gallery Old Man Logan Statue. In a Dystopian future where the superheroes have fallen and the villains rule, the old man once known as Wolverine just wants to live a quiet life. Unfortunately, that’s […]


Wolverine Denim and Flannel Hoodie

December 6, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

You’ll feel the urge to pop adamantium claws when you’re wearing the Wolverine Denim and Flannel Hoodie. Show your love for everyone’s favorite tough guy mutant with a hoodie that combines flannel and denim and awesomeness. The yellow and black hoodie features embroidered patches on […]


X-Men Logan Pop! Vinyl Figure

November 19, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

The adamantium claws are out with the X-Men Logan Pop! Vinyl Figure. Standing 3 3/4-inches tall, the X-Man known as Wolverine is dressed in rugged casual wear with his lethal claws extended, ready to take on the bad guys as only he can. While the […]


Wolverine Old Man Logan #5 Cover T-Shirt

October 31, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Wolverine gets old and gray with the Wolverine Old Man Logan #5 Cover T-Shirt but the extended claws and blood proves he’s still not someone you want to mess with. In a desolate future wasteland ruled by the villains of the Marvel Universe, Old Man […]


Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format Figure

June 30, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Get ready to go berserk for the Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format Figure because Logan is traveling to the land of the Rising Sun. Inspired by Wolverine’s ‘Japan Saga’ comic book series, this 20-inch-tall statue features the short-tempered mutant in his classic brown and yellow […]


Wolverine 3-Poster Set

June 9, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Listen up, Bub. The Wolverine 3-Poster Set is so cool even Logan wouldn’t mind having it hanging in his place, and he’s not exactly an art fanatic. Wolverine likes to keep things simple. A good cigar, a cold brew, and a bad guy to slam […]


Mutant Pirate T-Shirt

January 30, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

The Mutant Pirate T-Shirt offers a great look at what would happen if Wolverine had been a pirate. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. The dread pirate Logan has brought his mighty ship, the Xavier, to port and he’s looking for a good time. All […]