X-Men Mutant and Proud T-Shirt

Celebrate your weirdness with the X-Men Mutant and Proud T-Shirt.

Now maybe you don’t think you deserve to wear this shirt because you can’t shoot lasers out of your eyes or pop adamantium claws out of your knuckles but mutant powers come in all kinds of flavors. Can you binge-watch an entire season of a show on Netflix without stopping for a bathroom break? Can you watch someone yawn and not yawn yourself? If so, congratulations. You’re a mutant and have the right to wear this shirt. Just don’t expect Professor X to show up and recruit you to join the X-Men and save the world. He needs people like Cyclops and Wolverine for that.

Available at SuperHeroStuff.com. The men’s shirt is $19.99 – $25.99. The women’s shirt is $21.99 – $25.99.

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