World’s Smallest Leaf Blower

World's Smallest Leaf Blower

The World’s Smallest Leaf Blower looks like a fun gag, as you break it out at the office for a quick cleanup of some coworker’s crumbs, but what makes it really cool is that it actually works!

Just plug it into a USB port, and then blast away crumbs, dust, and pet hair with a strong blast of air. It features a fairly long (61″) cord, so you should be able to reach around and clean off your keyboard as well as the rest of your desk.

Crumbs. They get everywhere. Usually in places you’re not keen on them being in. Like between keyboard keys, in bed, in weird gaps in the kitchen. You could try and vacuum them, but that hefty Dyson of yours just ain’t gonna cut it. It’s time to bring in the big boys. Or, rather, the small boys.

The smallest ‘boy’ in the world, in fact. This is literally the world’s smallest blower – and it REALLY works. Simply plug it in with the included USB cable and watch that accumulation of dust, particles, grime get blasted back to where it came from. Pet fur? Never heard of it. Enough crumbs to reassemble half a slice of toast? Gone in seconds.

Of course, then you have to wipe up the mess. But let’s not focus on the boring part. Just think about how cool you’ll feel with one of these in your pocket. The world’s smallest blower. Sick.

Available for $16.99 / £13.99 at Firebox, the World’s Smallest Leaf Blower is just what you need for your desk.

Glorious Model O (Matte Black)

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