Wacky Tattoo Bandages

Wacky Tattoo Bandages

Screwing up is just a part of being human. We all hurt ourselves at one point or another and need band-aids to cover our wounds. Now ugly boo-boos can be covered up with even uglier boo-boos when you stick on Wacky Tattoo Bandages.

In this box, you have your choice of looking like a momma’s boy or girl, a sailor fresh out of the Navy, or a fan of Andrew Dice Clay. My personal favorite is the ‘Mom’ bandage, because Mom is the first person I think of when I hurt myself.

Remember when you would shed tears over a scrape? Now you’ll be crying if you don’t get to use one of these fun bandages! In tons of hilarious styles, there’s something for every accident-prone person in your life. 12-15 (number varies from style to style) sterile wacky bandages come in 2” x 4” tin with FREE toy!

I’m not sure what kind of free toy you get inside the box, but I love the concept. You get hurt; you get rewarded. It’s sort of like getting a prize after a dental visit.

Wacky Tattoo Bandages can be found at Amazon.com, Entertainment Earth and FredFlare.com for under $10.

Other feel-good bandages to choose from are the Jesus Adhesive Bandages, Bacon Bandages, and Macaroni & Cheese Bandages.

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