Wound Specific Bandages T-Shirt

Wound Specific Bandages T-Shirt

Ever suffer an injury from something cool, like a ninja throwing star, chainsaw, or butcher knife? You probably wanted to tell everyone about it, but it would be much better to show it off to everyone with a band-aid that matches the cause of the cut. I really wish these band-aids were real, but the Wound Specific Bandages T-Shirt still makes an awesome fashion statement.Wound Specific Bandages (If you do try looking for band-aids like these as I did, be warned that a Google search for something like “chain saw bandages” results in some gory images.)

Did you take a hit from a ninja star and want people to know about it? Show it off with wound specific bandages.

Wound Specific Tees are available for men and women for $15.95 at Glennz Tees. For actual bandages (rather than t-shirts) with cool designs, consider the Scabs, Underpants, Skulls and Bones, Bacon Strips, and Crime Scene Tape Band-Aids.

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