Vogmask 8-Bit Microfiber Mask

Vogmask 8-Bit Microfiber Mask

You never know when you are going to need to wear a protective particle mask; it is 2012 after all! If you find yourself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse or just in a subway or plane full of sick people, the Vogmask 8-Bit Microfiber Mask is s stylish and comfortable way to feel better about your situation.

Vogmask incorporates style (did you recognize that cool space invaders theme) and comfort into reusable everyday masks. Whether you’re feeling the effects of allergies, doing dirty yard work, cleaning your attic, or just need a little extra warmth on a cold day, the Vogmask provides you with quick and easy protection.

vogmask 8-bit mask

Protect your breath in style with Vogmask, the world’s first high-fashion, high-filtration mask. With the choice of premium microfiber or organic cotton, these comfortable, reusable particle masks are the ultimate protection for your breath. Whether you seek shelter from the perils of modern life or just want to stay ahead of the curve, Vogmask has you covered.


Vogmask is a socially and environmentally responsible company in Santa Cruz, California. We wanted to wear particle masks but there weren’t any available that we liked. So we decided to make them ourselves out of the finest materials. Along the way we realized that masks can be fun. But masks aren’t just for fun; they also need to provide protection. That’s why we teamed up with the world’s leader in microfiber technology to create the best masks in the world.

Vogmasks are compact and can easily be carried with you throughout the day. Choose between six different styles, four non-woven microfiber and two organic cotton, and make sure you’re protected when you need to be. The Vogmask 8-Bit Microfiber Mask and others are available at Vogmask for $20.

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