Timing Chain Clock

Timing Chain

I’ve seen some really cool clocks like the Aurora Color Changing Clock and the 4th Dimension Concrete Clock, but this Timing Chain Clock is truly in a league of its own. I think it takes inspiration from all those other Steampunk stuff that’s been floating around lately.

The Timing Chain Clock more as a work of art than as just a clock, but it’s still fully functional in that sense.. I imagine I’ll be spending a lot of time just staring at it if I had one on my wall–not to look at the time or note just how slowly time is passing, but in amazement as how the whole mechanism works.

Timing ChainTiming Chain Custom Clock

Timing Chain Clock

Innovative chain driven clocks suitable for home or office. These clocks feature laser-cut acrylic numerals and motor mounts. They keep accurate time by using industrial synchronous A/C motors, featuring a visible gearset. Designed to be wall-mounted, each clock is about 44 inches tall, and the number chain hangs 26 inches below the drive sprocket. The clocks are pre-assembled, as the assembly of the chain requires tools that are not commonly found in most homes. The numerals and motor mounts may be ordered in any color available on the ponoko material list.

The Timing Chain Clock is available from Ponoko for $100.

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