Taking Pac-Man and Tetris to the Next Dimension

Here’s a fun alternative take on taking games to the next level. Instead of making them “now Wiibox HAL 9000 compatible”, these games have moved from cyber to IRL.

Pac-Man Board Game

Pac-Man Board Game (Page is gone, link removed.)

If you’ve never played it, you might not believe that Milton Bradley was capable of crafting a board game version of Pac-Man that was actually fun. Well, here it is. Released in ’82 for a fad-length run alongside perennials like Monopoly and Battleship…

Tetris 3D
Tetris 3D

We’ve all played the video game so we won’t bore you with the basics, suffice to say Tetris involves manipulating falling blocks to create a solid row – and so does the fantastic Tetris 3D Tower. The difference is you get to play head to head and actually drop the blocks into the playing area. By picking them up. Manually. By yourself. With your hands.


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