DC Comics Collection Complete Batman Chess Set

DC Comics Complete Batman Chess Set

It’s Batman and crew against the Rogue’s gallery. This DC Comics Complete Batman Chess Set will have you battling for the fate of Gotham itself. This beautifully detailed chess board is perfect for the ultimate Batman fan! The set includes 32 detailed chess pieces. This […]


Harley Quinn Sketch T-Shirt

The Joker’s sometimes-girlfriend shows how sane she is on the Harley Quinn Sketch T-Shirt. Judging from the look on face, I don’t think she should count on leaving Arkham Asylum any time soon. Everybody loves a jester because they always bring the funny but this […]


Clark Kent For President T-Shirt

Show your support for a truly super man with the Clark Kent For President T-Shirt. Okay, so you’re not really into Harley Quinn for President, considering that she hangs with the Joker a lot and there’s already enough clowns in Washington D.C. You want a […]


iZombie Take A Bite T-Shirt

Eat brains. Solve crimes. It’s just another day in the undead life of Liv Moore on the iZombie Take A Bite T-Shirt. Featuring Rose McIver as Olivia “Liv” Moore from the popular iZombie television show, this black 100% cotton tee lets you show your support […]