Ladies Of Marvel Retro T-Shirt

Feel a blast from the past when you slip into the Ladies Of Marvel Retro T-Shirt. The marvelous women of the Marvel Universe join forces to create an awesome force of retro style with this officially-licensed 100% cotton tee that features classic versions of Ms. […]


She-Hulk Rock Candy Vinyl Figure

Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters, smash’s into Funko’s Rock Candy collection with the She-Hulk Rock Candy Vinyl Figure. Standing approximately 5-inches-tall, She-Hulk is dressed in her comic book crime-fighting outfit, showing she has the same love for purple that her cousin has, although she thankfully […]


She-Hulk Women’s Jumpsuit Costume

Can’t turn green when you get mean? Probably not enough gamma rays in your diet. Fortunately, the She-Hulk Women’s Jumpsuit Costume can help you unleash your inner rage beast. She-Hulk definitely got the better end of the gamma ray deal when it comes to hulking […]


She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue

Jennifer Walters’ emerald alter-ego is looking pretty sexy as the She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue. Based on an illustration by Shunya Yamashita and standing 9-inches tall, She-Hulk is featured in her purple and white body suit, tennis shoes, and purple gloves. With her long hair flowing down […]


She-Hulk Lawyered T-Shirt

Better call Jennifer. The She-Hulk Lawyered T-Shirt reveals the true powerhouse in the courtroom, making that guy, Saul, look like just another ambulance chaser. She-Hulk sue!!! Yeah, that’s the battle cry that gets attention these days. Jennifer Walters’ cousin might go on about smashing things […]


Marvel Maidens T-Shirt

Take a step back, Avengers, because the Marvel Maidens T-Shirt features a new set of faces that are ready to fight the super-powered menaces of the Marvel Universe. Guys have characters like Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, and Iron Man to look up to, imagining […]