Robin Maquette Diorama

Batman’s colorful sidekick enters the Batcave with the Robin Maquette Diorama, proving that short shorts and bright colors are the perfect clothes to wear when you want to wander around a dangerous city at night. Poor Burt Ward. Adam West got the cool(ish) Batman outfit […]

Aardman Batman and Robin set

Aardman Batman and Robin Set

Are you ready for a Batman and Robin that are a little different? This Aardman Batman and Robin Set is Batman and Robin, as imagined by Aardman Animation. That’s why they look like Wallace and Gromit! Robin is about 9.8″ tall and Batman is shorter. […]


Superhero Hoodies

The Superhero Hoodies might not mention any names but you can still probably figure out who’s who on these stylish threads. Using color combos instead of character names is a smooth move, especially when fans of DC and Marvel can instantly recognize the popular characters […]


Despicable Bats T-Shirt

Minion Batman apparently has despicable aim on this Despicable Bats T-Shirt, or maybe the little prankster meant to do that. When the Minions aren’t helping Gru raise the girls or defend the world from villains, a couple of them do their own superhero thing. Hopefully […]


Batman Robin Puppy Costumes T Shirt

The roster of the Canine Justice League continues to grow with the Batman Robin Puppy Costumes T Shirt, featuring the Dog Knight and the Pup Wonder. Following in the footsteps of the Superman Superpug T-Shirt, this officially licensed tee features some… “unique” artistic skills to […]


Robin Image Crew Socks

Are you someone’s boy wonder? Or are you a bat with a sidekick of your own? Either way, a sidekick needs a good pair of socks. Something that matches the costume. These Robin Image Crew Socks are perfect. These 68% acrylic 30% polyester and 2% […]

Scooby-Doo Team-Up Comic Books

Scooby-Doo Superhero Team-Up Comic Books

Scooby, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang take ghost-busting to a whole new level with the Scooby-Doo Superhero Team-Up Comic Books. Way back in the old days (the 70s), Mystery Incorporated would occasionally rub elbows with some very famous people during investigations, ranging from […]


Superhero Hip Flasks

Fighting crime is thirsty work, but the daily grind can make you need something to drink just as bad. The Superhero Hip Flasks come to the rescue, making sure you’re always prepared to battle thirst. Regardless of whether you prefer Marvel or DC heroes, these […]

Batman Classic TV Robin Bust

Batman Classic TV Robin Bust

Holy statues from the waist up, Batman! The Batman Classic TV Robin Bust brings us the Boy Wonder, straight from 1966 Gotham City. Standing 6-inches tall, this classic look at retro Robin, as portrayed by actor Burt Ward, is ready to join the Classic TV […]