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Incredibles 2 Official Trailer

In the new Incredibles 2 Official Trailer, Disney-Pixar introduces us to the villain, “The Screenslaver.” They also flesh out a bit more of stories from the Sneak Peek Trailer, where Helen / Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) has a new job, leaving Bob (Craig T. Nelson) to […]


Brave Doctor Who T-Shirt

In Pixar’s Brave, Merida was determined to break out of her boring life and search for adventure. That attitude, along with the Brave Doctor Who T-Shirt, shows that she would be a perfect Companion for the Doctor, who also happens to despise boredom. The t-shirt […]


Monsters Inc. Mike Vinyl Pop! Figure

The poor little guy is so desperate for attention that he’s thrilled when just a glimpse of him appears in photos; so everyone’s favorite green, one-eyed monster is probably head-over-heels about the Monsters Inc. Mike Vinyl Pop! Figure. With Monsters, Inc. back in theaters and […]

Pixar Postage Stamps

Pixar Postage Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that they will be releasing a series of Pixar postage stamps next year. The stamps features characters from the movies Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Wall-E and Up. Since 1986, Pixar films have stretched the boundaries of our imagination with […]


Wall-E Learning Laptop

We’ve seen the Transformers, Superman, Batman and Darth Vader do it. Now it’s also time for Pixar’s trash-compacting robot Wall-E to take the shape of a laptop to teach your kids about about maths, grammar and other important stuff.

Disney Pixar WALL-E TV Games

Wall-E Robot TV Game

Pixar’s animated film about the adorable WALL-E robot has its world premiere today. If you can’t get enough of this trash-compacting fellow, you can now bring him home in the shape of a TV game. The gaming device comes with four games, plugs directly into […]

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Buzz Lightyear Costume

Have you ever felt that you have more friends than you can handle? Not a problem anymore. This Buzz Lightyear Prestige Costume ($83) is guaranteed to effectively reduce your circle of friends. You don’t even have to wear it, just tell your your friends that […]