Portable USB Speaker with Webcam

December 18, 2009 Robert Birming 1

This portable peanut-shaped USB speaker allows you to play music from a wide variety of audio sources and it comes with a built-in web camera as a nifty little bonus feature.

USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub

Solar Charger USB Hub

June 15, 2009 Robert Birming 0

This USB 2.0 compliant 4-port hub doubles as a solar charger. Six included adapters allows you to charge just about any cell phone, MP3 player or other digital product available. This solar charger can be recharged through direct sunlight, AC power or car power. It […]


Human Skull MP3 Player Belt Buckle with LEDs

November 16, 2008 Robert Birming 15

Looking for another fun and geeky accessory to go with that bling bling Human Skull USB Drive from last week? This belt buckle, featuring a built-in MP3/MP4 player with FM radio and a LED light module, might be just the ticket.


World’s Thinnest MP4 Player

September 1, 2008 Robert Birming 3

This slim MP4 player, the thinnest one in the world with its 4.5mm, features a built-in radio and allows you to store files in MP4, MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV formats onto the 4GB large flash memory.

No Picture

Cell Phone Watch

February 4, 2008 Robert Birming 37

This digital watch comes with the wireless Bluetooth technology and a cell phone with GSM 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz tri-band functionality.