Batman and Superman Bookends

The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight come together to keep an eye on your books with the Batman and Superman Bookends. Based on designs by comic book artist Jim Lee and sculpted by Tim Bruckner and Adam Ross, these 8.75-inch-tall figures will make […]


Batman Black Costume ArtFX Statue

The Batman Black Costume ArtFX Statue captures the iconic vigilante as he appeared in the popular Hush storyline, but with a slight costume change. Based on artwork by Jim Lee and sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto, this 12-inch-tall statue features a cool look at the Dark […]

Wonder Woman ArtFX Statue Featured

Wonder Woman ArtFX Statue

Looking beautiful, regal, and powerful, the Wonder Woman ArtFX Statue will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection that celebrates Princess Diana of Themyscira. Based on the designs of Jim Lee, this 12-inch-tall, plastic statue features a highly-detailed look at the Amazon warrior, and I […]