49-Foot-Tall ASIMO Robot

Honda has tested a 49-foot replica of their ASIMO humanoid robot, that’s 12 times the height of the original. The animated replica will be a guest of honor at the 120th Rose Parade as well as kick off Honda’s 50th anniversary of U.S. operations.

ASIMO Conducts Orchestra

ASIMO Conducts Orchestra (Video)

Remember the news about the plans to let Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra? It looks like he did a good job: (This video is no longer available.) More cool videos can be found at the brand new official Honda YouTube channel. […]

i-SOBOT vs Godzilla

i-SOBOT vs Godzilla (video)

Video footage of i-SOBOT, the world’s smallest mass produced humanoid robot, in a no holds barred battle up against Godzilla: While many celebrate the triumphant arrival of Takara/Tomy’s tiny humanoid robot upon American shores, a disturbing development comes with it. All across the USA, i-SOBOT […]