Strange Objects T-Shirt

Ancient Egypt is apparently a popular destination for time travelers, and the Strange Objects T-Shirt reveals that three of those visits were recorded. Wow! Old-world Egyptians really didn’t like Marty McFly (or maybe it was Doc Brown). When that sleek-looking Delorean appeared in a burst […]


Time-Traveling Delorean Pillow

Doc Brown always said time travel was dangerous but the Time-Traveling Delorean Pillow reveals what could have happened if he looked at things a little differently. Renaming canyons and malls, erasing your parents, and being killed by a gunslinger before you’re born are all risks […]

DeLorean USB Flash Drive

DeLorean USB Flash Drive

Flash Rods, a company “constantly searching for the coolest die-cast cars to integrate flash drives into”, has managed to do exactly that by transforming an 1:18 scale model of the DeLorean DMC-12 car from the popular 1980s movie Back to the Future into a fully […]