Time-Traveling Delorean Pillow

Time-Traveling Delorean Pillow

Doc Brown always said time travel was dangerous but the Time-Traveling Delorean Pillow reveals what could have happened if he looked at things a little differently.

Renaming canyons and malls, erasing your parents, and being killed by a gunslinger before you’re born are all risks you expose yourself to when you start tinkering with the space-time continuum, but just imagine all the money that could be made by selling time-travelling cars to the public.

This 17″(W) x 17″(H) x 6″(D) polyester pillow reveals a possible ad that Doc Brown might dream up if he decided to quit worrying about how dangerous time travel could be. Just have the customers sign a waiver stating that you’re not responsible for any changes they make and it’s all good… unless they go back in time and accidentally run over your parents before you’re born. That would be bad.

The Time-Traveling Delorean Pillow is available for $50.59 at Firebox. It’s also available as either a framed or unframed print.

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