Star Wars Ahsoka

Anakin Skywalker’s young padawan returns in Star Wars Ahsoka. The hidden past of a fan-favorite character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, is revealed in this 400-page book. From the moment we met young and feisty Ahsoka in The Clone Wars, we couldn’t […]


Ahsoka’s Choice V-Neck

A sad but important moment is captured on the Ahsoka’s Choice V-Neck, which focuses on a favorite character for many Star Wars: Clone Wars fans. Sure, this t-shirt features that moment when Ahsoka Tano turned her back on her heritage as a Jedi, leaving her […]


Star Wars Order 66 Poster

One of the darkest moments in the galaxy is captured in colorful artwork with the Star Wars Order 66 Poster. The clone troopers were effective allies of the Jedi Knights, fighting alongside the mystic warriors during the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, the powerful allies became effective […]


Snowbunny Padme Amidala Statue

Inspiration leads to a new look for Star Wars’ Padme with the Snowbunny Padme Amidala Statue, featuring the former queen suiting up for some chilly weather. You’ve missed half the story if you’ve only watched the Star Wars movies because the characters have all-new adventures […]


LEGO Star Wars AT-RT

Your next LEGO Star Wars set should be this LEGO Star Wars AT-RT set. It includes a Sniper Droid and 3 minifigures: Yoda, a 501st Clone Trooper and a Droid captain. These figures feature articulated legs and feet, swiveling laser cannon and blaster storage. The […]