Shiny Repair Service T-Shirt

Kaylee from Firefly and Chewbacca from Star Wars have decided to go into business, and they’d appreciate you wearing the Shiny Repair Service T-Shirt to help spread the word. When it comes to keeping things shiny, Kaylee is the girl Captain Mal turns to, while […]


Star Wars Chewbacca Lined Clogs

Wookies might let their fur fly free but people need to wear clothes… and shoes. The Star Wars Chewbacca Lined Clogs let you get in touch with your inner Wookiee, without having to worry about getting slapped with any indecency charges. Even if crocs aren’t […]


Star Wars ‘I Am Chewie’ Hoodie

The best strategy is to always let the Wookiee win and the Star Wars ‘I Am Chewie’ Hoodie lets you be the Wookiee. Be prepared for the Force to awaken with this 100% polyester, super-long zip-front jacket that includes an appliqué satin bandolier and a […]


Bigfoot Chewbacca T-Shirt

The truth is out there and the Bigfoot Chewbacca T-Shirt proves that Bigfoot really doesn’t exist. That old blurry photo simply captured a Wookiee taking a break from battling the Empire. Almost everyone has probably seen that old, fuzzy, black-and-white photo of a blurry shape […]


Star Wars Chewie Polo

This Star Wars Chewie Polo celebrates our favorite Wookie co-pilot and puts him on a casual shirt so he can be your co-pilot all day long. It is appropriate for corporate casual. This 3-button pique knit polo is going to look good on you. Chewie […]