Edible Bugs Gift Pack

Some people have strange tastes; and there’s nothing stranger than eating bugs. If you know someone with an appetite for creepy crawlies, this Edible Bugs Gift Pack is perfect for them. You get six tins that are full flavored and cooked bugs plus you get […]


Canned Dragon Meat

It’s not easy hunting Dragons. Probably because they fly and breathe fire and can stomp you into the ground. Therefore, getting dragon meat is no easy task. Luckily, there is Canned Dragon Meat. Get your dragon meat without all of that danger. Okay, spoiler alert! […]

Mopane Worms

Canned Mopane Worms

Whether you’re preparing for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse or just like to try exotic foods, things like the Tactical Canned Bacon, Exotic Wild Animal Meat and Reindeer Pâté all would seem to serve you well. If you feel those aren’t enough to satisfy your wild […]

Reindeer Pate

Reindeer Pâté

As a kid I often wondered if Rudolph, Dancer, Dasher and the rest of the crew aged or they just lived forever like the jolly old fat guy does? Well, today is a sad day for some as we now have our answer. The Reindeer […]

tactical canned bacon

Tactical Canned Bacon

OK, I’m going to admit it.  GeekAlerts has a bacon problem. Bacon Perfume, Bacon Bandages, Bacon Wallet, etc.  But!  When I see the words Tactical, Canned and Bacon all together; what can I do.  I’m only human people.  The Tactical Canned Bacon can last up […]

Canned Unicorn Meat

Canned Unicorn Meat

Where did all the Unicorns go?  The mythical creature we always here about but never see.  I’ll tell you where they went; in a can!  The Canned Unicorn Meat solves that age old question whether they do or do not exist.  This spoof gift is […]