Tactical Canned Bacon

tactical canned bacon

OK, I’m going to admit it.  GeekAlerts has a bacon problem. Bacon Perfume, Bacon Bandages, Bacon Wallet, etc.  But!  When I see the words Tactical, Canned and Bacon all together; what can I do.  I’m only human people.  The Tactical Canned Bacon can last up to 10 years and provides up to 18 servings;  enough to satisfy your most dire bacon cravings, just in case you are ever hiding in a nuclear bunker or something.

Tactical Canned Bacon is the very best canned bacon we’ve ever tasted. Not mushed up like dog food, this bacon is in actual strips – blessed with the magic of preservatives to last over 10 years in the can. Sure, you have to refrigerate after opening, but we bet you’ll eat it all too quick to worry about that. Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon – the zenith of canned bacon!

Tactical Canned Bacon

  • Delicious bacon, canned, so it has a 10+ year shelf life.
  • Approx. 18 servings per can (1 serving = 3 slices of bacon).
  • Net Wt.: 9oz

You can purchase Tactical Canned Bacon at ThinkGeek for $17.99 or stock up and buy a 12 pack case at Amazon.com from $159.99.

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