Thor Hammer Bookend

Whosoever holds this Thor Hammer Bookend, if he be worthy, shall possess the power to keep their books, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs neatly organized. This version of might Mjölnir might not let you call down the lightning but it will let you show off your […]


Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings

Always be yourself… unless you can be Batman; then, always be Batman. It’s easier than ever to transform yourself into the Caped Crusader with the Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings. Become Gotham City’s embodiment of Justice, while making sure you have a convenient way […]


Stan Lee Cologne

What does a creator of iconic comic book characters smell like? You can find out, and smell like that guy yourself, when you splash on some Stan Lee Cologne. What do you do after creating Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and a ton of other characters […]


Wolverine Bookend

If you have some awesome books that you want to keep safe and organized, the Wolverine Bookend is just the thing to keep your personal library in tip-top shape. Everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping mutant is rocking the regular wardrobe these days on the big screen but […]

Doctor Who 16oz Travel Mug

Doctor Who TARDIS Travel Mug

While drinking coffee won’t transport you through different dimensions in time, coffee is known to get you to your temporary happy place. Enjoy your daily pint of joe and escape the present with the Doctor Who TARDIS Travel Mug. British police boxes are probably more […]


Darth Vader Stresshead Stressball

If anyone knows about stress, it’s Darth Vader. He has a lot on his shoulders. Crushing the rebels, overseeing Death Stars and reporting to the Emperor. Stress sucks. Sometimes you need a release. Just squeeze this Darth Vader Stresshead Stressball and everything will be fine. […]

TARDIS 4GB USB Storage Memory Stick

TARDIS USB Memory Stick

At last here is a TARDIS gadget that really is larger on the inside. At least when you are talking about data storage. This TARDIS 4GB USB Storage Memory Stick will hold all of your valuable info while looking super geeky on your keychain. This […]

Dark Knight Spud

Dark Knight Spud

This is either the craziest or the coolest Dark Knight toy, depending on your perspective. Either way, the Dark Knight Spud really exists. The caped crusader has never looked so…round. It looks like he comes with his batarang and utility belt. No Spud-mobile though. Batman […]