Star Wars Force Band

Become a Jedi and feel the Force with the Star Wars Force Band. Remember in A New Hope when Ben Kenobi talked about how the Force is an energy field that binds the galaxy together? Well, that’s true but it does so much more with […]

Star Wars BB-8 Slippers

Star Wars BB-8 Slippers

These fun Star Wars BB-8 Slippers will keep your feet warm with the power of a little rolling droid. Now BB-8 can guide your feet around the house. They come in sizes Small and Large. You are going to look geeky while your feet stay […]


Star Wars BB-8 LED Light

No need to be strong in the Force and no cute droid-style thumbs-up required to shed a little light on things when you have the Star Wars BB-8 LED Light. Unlike his big screen counterpart, this little droid isn’t tasked with toting part of a […]

BB-8 Tea Set

Star Wars BB-8 Tea Set

This Star Wars BB-8 Tea Set lets you invite the droid to tea, where he will serve you by holding the tea within his round body. Tea-B-8 if you will. It is a nestled teapot and teacup in one, with BB-8 details. The pot holds […]