Superhero Toddler Tees

Superhero Toddler Tees

Given the success of movies like The Avengers and the Dark Knight Trilogy, it is obvious that adults like superheroes.  But kids like superheroes too, especially if grown-ups they hang around with are into them.  With these Superhero Toddler Tees, kids can be their favorite superhero. This is your chance to spoil your niece or nephew and become that favorite auntie or uncle.  Choose between Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, or The Flash.

Superhero Toddler T-Shirts

If you’re a GeekMom or GeekDad, you already know what hero your SuperToddler favors. But just in case you’re gifting this to a SuperToddler of a friend, here’s a fun guide to help you pick the right one:

  • Batman: Bedtime? What’s that? This is the kid who will jailbreak her first iPhone before she’s in first grade.
  • The Flash: Parents warn the babysitter, “DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HIM OR YOU WILL LOSE HIM.”
  • Green Lantern: Likes to imagine his accessories grant him superpowers. Won’t leave home without a certain special item.
  • Superman: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… another bruise from jumping off the monkey bars.
  • Wonder Woman: May not have a lasso, but she can get the truth out of just about anyone.

These Superhero Toddler T-shirts are on sale for just $8.49 each (50% off) at You can also find these superhero logo t-shirts in toddler and kids sizes at

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