Star Wars Chewbacca Longboard Skateboard

Chewbacca Longboard Skateboard

In Star Wars, it makes sense to let the Wookiee win but do you also let the Wookiee grind? You do when you’re talking about the Let the Wookie Win Skateboard, a customized longboard that will appeal to all Chewbacca lovers.

Whether you want to hit the road with it or just mount it on the wall so all your Star Wars friends can drool, this Wookiee-themed skateboard is an attention getter. Chewie’s recognizable bandolier is hand-painted on raised wood, which was then covered in Wookiee hair. For the animal-friendly skateboarders out there, you have nothing to worry about because the fur is ‘faux’; it was apparently pretty hard to find an actual Wookiee stomping around.

The 44-inch kick-tail deck comes with 7-inch Core trucks with Bigfoot wheels and Abex9 bearings to provide both speed and handling. The bottom of the board is black with a ‘Weird Boards’ logo sticker.

Let the Wookie Win Skateboard

  • Longboard skateboards are made from 9- or 11-ply Canadian Maple, pressed and cut in the USA.
  • These decks are full of pop and super sturdy.
  • Priced as a completed, each deck includes premium quality trucks, wheels and hardware.
  • If you have your own trucks/wheels and are just looking for a deck, please email me for special Deck Only pricing.

The Let the Wookie Win Skateboard is available for $299 at Weird Boards.

(Via Gizmodo)

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