Star Wars The Force Awakens: Before the Awakening

Star Wars The Force Awakens Before the Awakening

Take a peek at the lives of Poe Dameron, Rey, and Finn in Star Wars The Force Awakens: Before the Awakening, and see what they were up to before fate threw them together.

Before Poe was sent to retrieve a map, before Rey rescued BB-8, and before FN-2187 decided he’d had enough of the First Order, they all had to be doing something, right? This 224-page book lets you see what these three were up to before the Force awakened. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, no worries because you don’t have to worry about spoilers. Rey’s life as a scavenger is seen but her mysterious past remains a mystery, Finn AKA FN-2187 does a little stormtrooper training, and perhaps gets the tiniest little idea that he’s not where he belongs, and Poe Dameron provides the greatest sense of continuity for Star Wars fans, with his story involving a covert mission that leads to his trip to Jakku in The Force Awakens.

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