Awakening Now TIE FIGHTERS T-Shirt

Awakening Now TIE FIGHTERS T-Shirt

Star Wars: The Force Awakens meets Apocalypse Now with the Awakening Now TIE FIGHTERS T-Shirt, offering up a perfect mash-up of two very different films.

Apocalypse Now shone a very harsh and gritty light on the Vietnam War, while Star Wars is about the heroes standing up to the darkness and defeating the bad guys. One film has machine guns while the other has blasters and lightsabers. They probably couldn’t be more different. But artist ALIENBIKER23 found a way to make it work, by inserting First Order TIE fighters into a classic scene that originally had helicopters filling the sky. Even if you’ve never seen Robert Duvall say “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” you’ll still get a thrill out of this eye-catching image.

Awakening Now TIE FIGHTERS Shirt

The Awakening Now TIE FIGHTERS T-Shirt is available for $19.95 at NeatoShop.


  1. Fantastic looking shirt. Terrific review with one small quibble. Robert Duvall was the actor who spoke so fondly of morning scents, not Brando. From Bo Radley onward, have loved Duvall ‘s acting, so I will be a pain and point this error out.

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