Star Wars Boba Fett Varsity Jacket by Marc Ecko

Star Wars Colored Boba School Jacket by Marc Ecko

Varsity jackets are cool high school mementos for jocks, but what about something for the not so athletically gifted geeks? This Star Wars Boba Fett Varsity Jacket by Marc Ecko should solve that problem.

Made from a blend of 65% wool and 35% viscose melton, this jacket features 100% PU sleeves, Boba Fett’s signature color scheme, varsity patches on front and side and a bounty hunter patch on the back. Unlike those everyday high school jackets collecting dust in the closet, this Boba Fett jacket is something you will want to wear.

Star Wars Colored Boba School Jacket

If you ever caught Boba Fett at a party he might be rocking this exclusive varsity jacket. It suits him proper, with helmet and emblem on the chest, signature bounty hunter color scheme (green, yellow, red,), and “Bounty Hunter” written in yellow across the back. 65% Wool. 35% Viscose Melton. 100% PU Sleeves.

You can purchase the Star Wars Boba Fett Varsity Jacket by Marc Ecko at for $154.94 and at for $180.

If varsity jackets aren’t your style, check out the other cool Star Wars themed jackets by Marc Ecko: R2-D2, TIE Fighter, AT-AT, X-Wing Pilot and Chewbacca.


    • I purchased this jacket back in December of 2012 from an Ecko Outlet and was fortunate to buy it for around $70, so I wasn’t complaining when the PU sleeves began peeling after two years of rare/light wear. This past week I pulled it out of the closet after 5+ years and was finally able to find a tailor to replace the damaged PU sleeves with genuine leather black sleeves. He even removed the Mythosaur patch on the left shoulder and see it on to the new leather sleeve.

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