Star Trek Starfleet Captains Tee

Star Trek Starfleet Captains Tee

This Star Trek Starfleet Captains Tee looks awesome. It has every ship from every series, with each ship’s Captain imposed over it. They have never been together on the same screen, but they are all assembled for this cool T-shirt.

It makes a great gift for Star Trek fans. Just so you know, they aren’t in historical order, but it is still an amazing shirt, full of ships and Starfleet Captains.

Star Trek Starfleet Captains Tee

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  1. I hadn’t noticed at a glance, but I think I agree with “emma” in that Janeway and certainly the Voyager have no predominance of pink whatsoever.

    To me though, the more insulting “error”, considering she is voted most popular Enterprise design of all time, is the “Refit” from Star Trek: The Motion Picture”. If they would not have written here’s all 5 ships in the Trek series I wouldn’t have said much, but saying that then ignoring it is blasphemy!! 😉

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