Space Invader Chair

Space Invader Chair

Regular furniture is boring. Sure it’s functional, but it’s not much to look at. However, the Space Invader chair gives geeks something to both feast their eyes on and park their rear in. Maybe while you are playing with a Space Invaders Stress Ball.

When you aren’t actually slaying invading hordes of Space aliens on your retro console, you can sit like the king Space Invader himself, with this as your throne. Yes, they have a King. Who do you think commands them all to attack and make more merchandise?

Sadly, this chair is just a prototype made out of foam, but we are hoping that it becomes a reality so that we can game in style. Hopefully comfort too, but where do you rest your arms? All the way up there? Well, it stands to reason that a chair made for Space Invaders is not going to have comfortable arm rests. Even so, we still want to buy it one day. You can learn more about it over at Dorothy.

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