Rise of Cathulhu T-Shirt

Rise of Cathulhu T-Shirt

Ancient evil and eternal cute meet on the Rise of Cathulhu T-Shirt, and your nightmares will never the same again.

In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cathulhu waits dreaming of catnip, clean litter boxes, and the complete annihilation of Mankind, and his millions of servants, disguised as ordinary house-cats, patiently wait for his command to attack.

Seriously, you know there are times when you look into your sweet kitty’s eyes and just know the lovable little furball is dreaming of rampaging through the city, toying with people as if we were helpless little mice. There’s a reason some societies revere cats; it’s to keep from angering the ancient Cathulhu.

The Rise of Cathulhu T-Shirt is available for $18 at shirt.woot.com.

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