Rewind Desk Tidy

Rewind Desk Tidy

Look around your desk. Do you see a mess? If you do, it is time for a rewind. The Rewind Desk Tidy that is. This retro cassette tape shaped desk tidy will help you keep all of your stuff organized.

It makes a great gift for the work place and it is a fun design. It will hold up to 30 pens or pencils and even comes with 1 tape roll. It is the gift that keeps a desk tidy.

Plus, it looks like a cassette tape, which is cool. It is just $29.95 from

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  1. Thanks for the find, Conner! I quite dig this desk organizer because I used to make a lot of mix tapes for my friends back in the 80s and 90s. However, I am not too sure whether the tape dispenser is such a great idea. I am not sure at all how do you feed the tape into the organizer and how the whole thing is not going to fall down every time that you take out a bit of tape. Is it well balanced?

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