Reversing Goggles

Reversing Goggles

Perception matters. What one person sees might be the exact opposite that another person is seeing. This can be in the figurative sense or in the literal sense if one of them has the Reversing Goggles on, that is.

These Reversing Goggles, which look like some weird goggles with some sharp-edged prisms poking out, let you view the world in a totally different way: upside down. That’s thanks to the action of the Dove plexiglass prisms which invert the images that your eyes perceive. You can also adjust the prisms to create a right-left inversion.

These Reversing Goggles are available from Grand Illusions for £55.00 ($86.90). You can, of course, just do handstands to achieve the same effect, if you don’t mind all the blood rushing to your head in the process.


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