Razorpit Teneo

Razorpit Teneo

The price of razor blades is leading us to a world filled with dudes that look like frontier mountain men, but the Razorpit Teneo can help keep your face smooth, without draining your bank account.

Razors are getting more expensive but they don’t seem to last any longer, regardless of how hefty that price tag, and those fancy razors that have 2, 4, or 16 blades seem to get just as dull just as quick. The thing is, your blade might not actually be getting dull. It could just be clogged with various bits of gunk (which is my technical term for skin, hair, and other assorted things that might be scraped off your face).

Old-school barbers whip their razor blades across a leather barber strop to prolong the life of their blades, and now you can do the same thing at home. Just put some shaving gel or foam into the base of the Razorpit, and push your razor against it four or five time. Once the blade is clean, you can stand the razor up in the slot to drain the water and you’re good to go, with the life of your razor blade extended up to 150 times by simply cleaning it on a regular basis.

Razorpit Teneo:

  • No razors or razor blades are included with this product.
  • Up to 150 shaves with one blade
  • Save up to 90% on razor blades
  • Works with all razor blades
  • Available in black or white

Forget about five o’ clock shadow and laugh at all those people shelling out big bucks on razor blades every other week with the Razorpit Teneo for £21.95 (approx. $29.05) from Gizoo.

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