Punisher Metal Skull Chain Wallet

Punisher Metal Skull Chain Wallet

Frank Castle is a brutal vigilante, and this Punisher Metal Skull Chain Wallet is a fitting accessory to this character that (unlike many superheroes) isn’t shy of employing a firearm. It features a solid metal skull over a stitched badge that includes an indented “The Punisher” logo. The back shows a set of “bullets” that are strapped to the wallet with a stitched band. There is also a 16″ metal chain with a snapped strap, to keep the wallet secure. Inside there are 4 credit card slots, a clear covered ID slot, and a pocket.

This Punisher Metal Skull Chain Wallet represents Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, in every conceivable way. You can practically smell the mixture of blood, grief, and gunpowder emanating from its rough, stitched exterior.

It starts with the solid metal skull symbol adorning the wallet’s front, layered on a stitched badge sporting an indented Punisher logo.

The back features illustrated, perhaps life-size bullets “strapped” to the wallet via an actual stitched band.

Unsnapping the Punisher wallet reveals a middle filled with four card slots, a right side sporting one pocket, and a left side sporting an ID slot covered in clear plastic.

Order the Punisher Metal Skull Chain Wallet for $24.99 at SuperHeroStuff. It looks like you can slide 7.62mm Snap Caps under the stitched strap to have a realistic set of bullets held in place on the back of the wallet.

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