Psychedelic Cat Sweater

Psychedelic Cat Sweater

Get ready to give your brain and eyes a workout because the Psychedelic Cat Sweater will test your mental endurance. How long can you stare upon the swirling awesomeness before you feel something in your brain become slightly unhinged?

As if one bow-tie wearing cat with a psychedelic background wasn’t enough, the back of the sweater features the exact same image so you can visually assault people coming and going. Personally, I think the only thing that could’ve made this sweater even more amazing would’ve been to have a rear-view of the cat on the back but I guess we’ll have hope that’s a future release.

Polyester Psychedelic Cat Sweater

If the colors and the hypnotic stare of the cat aren’t enough to elevate your cool-factor into orbit, consider that the sweater is made of polyester. Oh yeah! Forget about that all-natural cotton crap; nothing but man-made polymers here.

Are you brave enough for it? Are you tough enough for it? If you think you are, you can get the Psychedelic Cat Sweater for $61.19 at

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