Krampus Sweater

Krampus Sweater

A close rival to the Cthulhu Christmas Sweater, the Krampus Sweater is the holiday sweater that adult authority figures might want to wear to remind belligerent kids to shape up, or else…

You know it’s the first thing you’ll want to throw on those cold, blustery days leading up to Christmas. This sweater will hug your every curve and forbid heat to escape your upper body. And who doesn’t look like a movie star in pine-green and red?

Let’s not forget the naughty children this year.
This is a limited quantity item! Krampus is the anti-Santa Claus from Europe that punishes the naughty girls and boys on Christmas Eve. If you’re bad, instead of bringing you presents, Krampus stuffs you in a sack so that he can eat you for dinner. This sweater signals to the world that maybe this wasn’t your best year in terms of behavior, but you’re still in the Christmas spirit. The perfect thing for a “bad” Christmas sweater party. This one size fits most sweater is sausage-skin-tight on a 2XL person and awkwardly loose on a medium frame. 100% Acrylic. Buy it fast, these won’t last long!

Lots of kids know about Santa Claus, but very few would know about Krampus. If you know a kid who still won’t behave with the threat of Santa leaving him a sack of coal and no toys on Christmas morning, then maybe it’s time to tell him/her about the wrath of Krampus. Feel free to modify the tale of Krampus to resonate with a consequence you can really enforce come Christmas time. Don’t make up lies you can’t back up.

The Krampus Sweater is $42.50 in “one size that fits no one well” at Quantities are limited so order soon.

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