Project Utopia

Project Utopia

Do you know someone that has just about everything? And I’m not just talking about good looks, money, intelligence, friends; this is the person that when you bring up something new, they pull it out of their closet like its old news. Yeah, you know where I’m coming from, but GeekAlerts has got something that should put everyone back in their seat….until of course several Russian billionaires start playing bumper boats with them.

Project Utopia, which is probably going to set you back several hundred million, is the concept design of Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee and looks like something that belongs in a James Bond movie. At 100 meters in diameter and with 11 decks, this mobile floating island is set to revolutionize what we call island living. This floating island is capable of speeds up to 15 knots and has a 360-degree view of the ocean, pool, helicopter pad, and an observatory that is 65 meters above the ocean sea level. Not too shabby!

Project Utopia Floating Island

It’s ideal for ocean-going megalomaniacs bent on world domination. And you needn’t worry about puking on your Nehru jacket because this floating behemoth is designed for minimum motion, even in the most extreme sea conditions.

Each ‘leg’ supports a fully azimuthing (no idea, even after Googling) thruster, so Project Utopia can move between various locations at slow speeds. ‘You must’ve been seeing things Billy. Now eat your ice cream and shut up!’

Floating Island by Yatch Island

  • Accommodates 70 crew and can cater for 16 guests
  • Maximum speed of 15 knots
  • Diesel electric propulsion
  • There are four major spaces which make up the external deck and communal areas: ‘Casino Square’, ‘Loews Hotel’, ‘The Oasis’, and ‘The Grand Atrium’.
  • Two large tender garages to store all manner of launches, offshore power boats, jet skis etc
  • Dive dock and Submarine, deployed from one of the submerged hulls
  • Multi configurable sports court sized to championship tennis regulations also doubles as a Heli-Pad
  • Ample crew quarters including a gym and private sun terrace

You can’t purchase Project Uptopia as of yet, but if you’re actually even considering it, call me, we should hangout.

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