Pac-Man Moneybox

Pac-Man Moneybox

It’s not always easy to get kids to start saving. Aside from making them understand the value of money, you can also go the extra mile and try to make the whole saving up process more fun. The ATM Savings Bank is a pretty sophisticated way of getting your kids to save up. For a simpler yet quirkier alternative, you can opt for the Pac-Man Moneybox instead.

With each coin that you (or your child) drops into the Pac-Man Moneybox, you will hear the resounding and familiar wakka-wakka sound that Pac-Man has always been associated with. It’s a pretty simple way of trying to motivate your child to start saving up.

Pac-Man Moneybox

Where better to save your money than inside everyone’s favourite cherry-chasing, perma-gobbling, 80’s arcade icon? Just pop your pocket money into the top of this officially licensed Pac-Man Moneybox and he’ll respond with his trademark wakka-wakka sound. Just keep an eye out for ghosts.

The Pac-Man Moneybox is available from Firebox for £14.99 with free delivery.

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