Naval Mine Looking Anemone Clock

Anemone Clock

The cool looking Anemone Clock is an alarm clock that will wake you up in a way you’re not used to (read: in a very annoying way).

When the alarm goes off, it rumbles intensely, making it a little harder to find the off switch. Due to the rumbling, the clock also bounces away from the origin, thus creating another challenge of getting out of bed and chasing it around the room (kind of like a pet). After the clock is captured, it rumbles the person awake.

Concept design by Aaron Tang.

(Via cribcandy)


  1. According to the patent office Gauri Nanda is the true Inventor of a movable clock that falls from a placement and moves in directions on the floor and is turned off by a user by retrieving it.

    The Patent examiner has compared Gauri Nanda’s Patent application and Aaron Tang’s Patent application and in an office action involving the two competing patents has awarded Gauri Nanda the Patent.

    Gauri Nanda’s professors entered in plenty of evidence and swore that she is the true Inventor of a movable clock, she created, designed it and programmed it all by herself.
    Though Aaron has made it on Everyday Edison’s and is planing on marketing his clock for xmas, I am certain Gauri Nanda and her Lawyer will be leaping out of the shadows to hit him and the Everyday Edison team with Infringement Lawsuit.

    Patent number: 7355928
    Filing date: Aug 11, 2005
    Issue date: Apr 8, 2008
    Inventor: Gauri Nanda
    Assignee: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Primary Examiner: Renee Luebke
    Attorney: Gordon E. Nelson
    Application number: 11/201,839

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